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Drishti - Instrumental Fusion Of Morning And Evening Ragas CD

Drishti - Instrumental Fusion Of Morning And Evening Ragas CD

Drishti - Instrumental Fusion Of Morning And Evening Ragas Music CD

People across the globe are increasingly yearning for enduring peace and harmony. Culture and civilizations are searching for ways and means to blunt the sharp edges of rigidities and divisions and infuse into humanities the elements of lasting integration and harmonious co-existence. It's a welcoming realization that while maintaining the unique characteristics of two cultures it is possible to harmoniously integrate them and thus co-exist with mutual respect and lasting joy.

As is well known culture has specific definitions. To the Oriental the 'Raga' of Indian Classical Music is culture specific with its fixed notes, definite structural forms and demands traditionally to be rendered or played at a particular time, though the individual's freedom to express the ethos is allowed within the rigidities.

Stepping aside some of these norms, Shri Rupak Kulkarni has made this unique attempt to piece together in harmonious blend and co-expression, the 'Ragas' of different 'Prahars' or time i.e. morning ragas with evening/night ragas on different musical instruments while taking care to maintain the purity of the specific ragas. In the present creation apparently contrasting structures beautifully co-exist, providing enduring soothing effects.

Another uniqueness of this creation is that the two different, structurally rigid ragas of different time and notes have been rendered by the artistes, simultaneously to bring out the ethos harmoniously. A rather difficult task when the structurally rigid patterns of the ragas are ever attempting to distract the artiste to meander away from the form.

Track Listing

  1. Samvaad ( Conversation ) - Bhoopali And Bibhas ( Flute And Bela Bahar )
  2. Anjali (Offerings) - Lalit And Deepavali (Shehnai And Veena)
  3. Sangam (Confluence) - Marwa And Todi (Flute And Sitar)
  4. Jeevan (Life) - Bhairav And Multani (Tenor Banjo And Violin)
  5. Trishna (Thirst) - Alhaiya Bilawal And Yaman (Dilruba And Flute)
  6. Milan (Embrace) - Durga And Kanakangi (Sitar And Veena)
  7. Trupti (Contentment) - Kafi And Bhairavi (Mandolin And Sarangi)
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